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This initiative started as my way of coping with, and in response to COVID-19. It commenced with sharing simple and beautiful romantic solo flute etudes with friends and family around the world. My hope is to bring a little light to their everyday lives knowing that so many art events and concerts have been cancelled or postponed. 


This initial idea quickly developed into the #covidchallenge, an effort of keeping my playing in shape while going back to basics and enjoying this new, slow-pace environment. 

So far, I have been working on the following 4 books:  

Do you have questions or any suggestions on the next book etude? Feel free to contact me. Let's get a little bit better every day!

Check out the most recent etude:

LunART Festival is back for its third season, continuing its mission to support, inspire, promote and celebrate women in the arts, with a special presentation, “Human Family,” available via two free video livestreams on LunArt’s website and Facebook page on Saturday, Oct. 10 and Saturday, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. CT. The events will be co-hosted by LunART founder Iva Ugrcic and vocalist and art administrator Deja Mason. For more information, visit:

LunART Festival Celebrates Women’s Voices by Back Porch Serenade, WORT

On March 3rd  Dr. Ugrčič and Mineral Point-based soprano Leslie Damaso shared news with WORT’s Back Porch Serenade about an upcoming preview concert that will take place on March 8th at Damaso’s Button Hill Studio in celebration of International Women’s Day.  In addition to fine music by women, the event will feature poetry readings, art by local artists, and hand-crafted chocolates.  Because of the festival’s popularity, Dr. Ugrčič is looking to expand from a week in June to a more extended series of concerts in the future.


Here is a super fun project I've been working on with my hubby in quarantine :) I think Lou Harrison would be okay with the found instrument substitutions we discovered in our apartment and minor changes in a solo part. Hope you enjoy it!


Meet the winner of the biennial C.R.E.A.T.E. competition for entrepreneurial flutists, Dr. Iva Ugrcic
Flute Quarterly, Spring 2019 - Volume 44, No. 3
National Flute Association

Slobodan Let Talentovane Pancevke - Interview in Serbian

Friday, August 9, 2019

By Mirjana Maric 

UW-Madison Alumni Profiles Project featuring Dr. Iva Ugrcic 

Iva Ugrčić (DMA '17) founded the LunART Festival to celebrate women's creativity in the arts. Directing a successful festival - now in its third season - propelled Ugrčić's career in arts administration.

Iva Ugrcic 1.jpg

Flutist and Activist Iva Ugrcic is 

"Musician of the Year 2018"

"As both a performer and entrepreneur, Ugrcic is always very busy broadening her varied career. Being both a player and an activist, she is making a difference, musically and socially, that deserves to be recognized and supported."

The Weel-Tempered Ear

By Jacob Stockinger

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