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The American Prize 2023

"...amazing virtuosic technique, impeccable intonation, and gorgeous rich tone throughout the registers... Absolute breathtaking perfection in every way. "
Iva Ugrcic, flute - Frontcover_Physical_and_Digital.jpeg

Iva Ugrcic's latest album  featuring the compositions of Doina Rotaru, titled Gates of Dream, offers a captivating journey through haunting melodies and compelling narratives. Ugrcic's prowess as a flutist shines through as she navigates Rotaru's intricate compositions with finesse and depth.

"Ugrcic's interpretation is nothing short of brilliant, as she brings out the nuances of Rotaru's score with precision and emotion... Iva Ugrcic's album of Doina Rotaru's music is a testament to her mastery as a flutist and her ability to breathe life into complex compositions."

Viviana Guzman

The Flute View Magazine (March 2024)



New Etudes Every Week!

This initiative started as my way of coping with and responding to COVID-19. It commenced with sharing simple and beautiful romantic solo flute etudes with friends and family around the world. My hope is to bring a little light to their everyday lives, knowing that so many art events and concerts have been cancelled or postponed. 


This initial idea quickly developed into the # COVIDchallenge, an effort to keep my playing in shape while going back to basics and enjoying this new, slow-paced environment. 

So far, I have been working on the following 4 books:  

Do you have questions or any suggestions for the next etude book? Feel free to contact me. Let's get a little bit better every day!

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