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2020 LunART Festival in the US

Launched in 2018, the festival seeks to support, inspire, promote and celebrate women in the arts through public performances, exhibitions, workshops and interdisciplinary collaboration thus creating space for learning and experimentation.


“We welcome participation by people who self-identify as women, cultivating a positive experience for artists and audiences alike,” LunART Festival said.

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LunART Festival supports women through art
Channel 3000 - June 7, 2019

By Emilie Burditt

Artists from across the country came to the Overture Center of the Arts to show off their artwork at the second annual LunART Festival.

“Our mission is to support, promote and celebrate women’s creativity in the arts,” Ugrcic said. “So we’re trying to create a platform when women artists will come, share their voices and collaborate.”

Collaborative art exhibit aims to unite women

against hate
Madison magazine - June 21, 2019

By Claire VanValkenburg

The opening reception for “Women Against Hate, United by Love” on June 5 kicked off the 2019 LunART Festival, a celebration of women in the arts featuring galleries, concerts, recitals, poetry readings and master classes around Madison.

An art exhibit aimed at uniting women against bigotry, intolerance and racism is now in Madison but intended to travel throughout Wisconsin, gaining collaborators along the way.

The Well-Tempered Ear

Wednesday, October 12, 2018

The Middleton Community Orchestra and solo flutist Iva Ugrcic turn in polished performances of a fun program to kick off the new season by John W. Barker

"The soloist was the Serbian-born flutist Iva Ugrcic, an absolute whiz of a player ... She played with super-precision and confidence, giving her instrument great personality."


Iva Ugrcic in the FINAL for the prestigious Pro Musicis International Award!

"I am thrilled to have been selected as the finalist for the prestigious Pro Musicis International Award! I strongly believe in the mission and vision of this fine organizations, and I am honored to be among the visionary artists who transform society."

Iva will be performing in New York City on Monday, October 15th!

Iva Ugrcic wins the C.R.E.A.T.E. Project Competition at the 46th Annual Flute Association Convention in Orlando, FL

Thursday, August 10, 2018

"Over the moon for winning the 1st prize at the The National Flute AssociationC.R.E.A.T.E. Competition with my baby project LunART Festival"

The biennial C.R.E.A.T.E. Project is designed to reward new thinking and viable, innovative ideas. The new title, Creating Resources through Engagement, Artistry, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurship, encourages flutists to take concrete steps toward giving their ideas life.

ISTHMUS, Thursday June 28, 2018

By Holly Henschen

Women take center stage

The founder of LunART Festival opens up about her mission!

"In the musical arena, works by female composers are still rarely performed. During the 2016-17 symphony concert season, just 1.3 percent of the music performed by 85 orchestras across the United States was composed by women, according to Baltimore Symphony Orchestra data. Only 29 percent of instrumental soloists in the same timeframe were female, and a scant 8.8 percent of conductors.

Now Ugrćič, who graduated in 2017... wants to “create a platform for women to come and fully express themselves.”

The Well-Tempered Ear, Tuesday June 26, 2018

By Jacob Stockinger

Classical music: The inaugural LunART Festival — celebrating women creators and performers — will take place this coming Thursday through Saturday 

"he timing couldn’t be better or more relevant, given the rise of the #MeToo movement and the increased attention being paid to the role of women in the creative and performing arts.”

Wisconsin State Journal, Sunday June 24, 2018

By Gayle Worland

LunART Festival Shines Lights on female composers!

"Iva Ugrcic moved to the United States because, as a musician, she was frustrated with gender inequality on her home continent.

Now she’s launching a three-day festival that will try to move the scales in the direction of equality — by celebrating literature, visual art, dance and music of many genres, all created by women."

LunART awarded at the Arts Business Competition!​

April 27th, 2018

I am thrilled to announce that our team won 2nd place at the University of Wisconsin 2018 Arts Business Competition! 
A big THANK YOU to Satoko Hayami and Dr. Kyle D. Johnson, for their tremendous help and tireless work during the preparation for the finals! Only 50 day until LunART's inaugural season, don't miss it out! Visit for more info

Iva's inaurugal LunART Festival in the final of the 2018 C.R.E.A.T.E. Project Competition!!!

"I am thrilled to announce that my baby project LunART Festival is in the final for the C.R.E.A.T.E. Project Competition which will take place during the 2018 The National Flute Association Convention in Orlando, Florida, August 8-12!

This is the first time I will be doing the “Shark Tank” style business pitch!"

Visit NFA for more info!

Winona Daily News, Music, April 5, 2018 

Iva Ugrcic, flute solo recital

Old Main concert Saturday, April 14 to celebrate women in the arts!


Concert featuring flutist Ivana Ugrčić of Serbia and pianist Satako Hayami of Japan that will celebrate women in the arts!
Visit Winona Daily News for more info.

Iva's baby project LunART Festival in the final round for the 2018 Arts Business Competition!!!

2018 Arts Business Competition Finals:


Friday, April 27, 2018 @ 4:00-5:30pm

Plenary Room, 1310 Grainger Hall

975 University Ave

Come & support !!!!

Visit ARTS INSTITUTE for more info

LunART Festival 2018 

Iva Ugrčić, Founder & Artistic Director


Welcome message! 

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy and excitement that I announce our inaugural LunART Festival! I am absolutely thrilled to be standing in front of you as the Artistic Director to launch the 2018 Season. We have quite a lineup for you our first year. During the festival, you’ll be introduced to a remarkable range of women, diverse and varied in their artistic vision, but with the shared passion and desire to make their voices be heard!

The driving idea of this festival is to create a vibrant, safe space for women where creativity is the queen! Through lectures, discussions, workshops and masterclasses given by our artist-in-residence and guest speakers, art exhibitions, concerts in various settings, from classical to jazz to rap, we are celebrating women's originality, individuality, imagination, and strengthening community ties.

Please join us in supporting our vision of putting the spot light on extraordinary women!

Dr. Iva Ugrčić

ISTHMUS News, Music, January 19, 2018 

Sound Out Loud Collective

Winning at new music!


Asked for comment, chief judge David Katz shares notes from Sound Out Loud’s evaluation:

“Exceptionally skilled performances of important contemporary and near-contemporary repertoire in a variety of styles, displaying passion in their process. A better example of a chamber ensemble committed to its mission could hardly be imagined.”

Winning at new music! 

Madison ensemble scores national acclaim

Asked for comment, chief judge David Katz shares notes from Sound Out Loud’s evaluation:

“Exceptionally skilled performances of important contemporary and near-contemporary repertoire in a variety of styles, displaying passion in their process. A better example of a chamber ensemble committed to its mission could hardly be imagined.”

Iva Ugrčić wins the American Prize 2017-18  

Iva Ugrčić received the FIRST PLACE award from The American Prize in Chamber Music Performance 2017-18 with the Sound Out Loud Contemporary Music Ensemble. Iva is a founding member of the SOL, group that seeks to expand the realm of possibilities within in the chamber ensemble repertoire e through the implementation of experimental techniques, the incorporation of  variety of instruments and musical styles from the Middle East and Asia, innovative performance practice, and the use of live electronics. 

Evanescence in Orpheum Theater 2017

Evanescence brought a unique and complex orchestral and electronica experience to Madison’s Orptheum Theatre on Wednesday evening in support of the band’s fourth studio album Synthesis. The instrumental ensemble, comprised of local natives, performing all of the various instrument families including bowed string instruments such as violin, viola, cello and double bass, as well as brass, woodwinds and percussion instruments typically devoted to the classical repertoire.

Iva Ugrčić performs with Black Marigold Wind Quintet

​​"The program was fantastic, skillfully mixing the traditional with the modern...Balance was superb among the five musicians, shining when soloing and supporting when their part called for it."

The Quintet Black Marigold performed Friday evening at the Art and Literature Laboratory. Thank you Dr. Melanie Cain for a wonderful Review!

Listen to my interview with Buzz Kemper, fantastic audio engineer, host at Sunday Afternoon Live with Buzz Kemper, and man responsible for my upcoming CD sounding so awesome! We talk about my doctoral project that is entirely dedicated to the woman I highly respect and love, Romanian contemporary composer Doina Rotaru. I immediately fell in love with her music and I am sure it will happen that same to you after hearing her fascinating flute quartet Il pianto del ghiaccio.

© 2017 by Iva Ugrčić