February 21-28 Wisconsin Union Theater

Flute and piano recital - Wisconsin Sound Series 

February 14 The Other Graduation 

Paracademia Inc - Thinking outside of the box! 

Virtual Presentation & Talk 


October 10-17 LunART Inc

2020 Virtual Festival HUMAN FAMILY 

Celebrating Black Women in the Arts

March 9 Temple Beth El Performance 

LunART's Outreach Program

March 8 The Woman is Powerful! 

LunART's International Women's Day Celebration
the Buttonhill Music Studio - Mineral Point


March 6-8 Madison Symphony Orchestra
Overture Center for the Arts - Overture Hall

February 21 Stravinsky Octet 

Hamel Arts Center - Collins Hall 

February 8 Celebration of Life

Overture Center for the Arts 


December 5-8 Lighting of the Vines 2019

Hamel Family Vines

Sonoma, California


October 27 The Hamel Music Center - Opening Ceremony

Collins Fellow in Solo Recital

October 19 An All Schubert Evening

Flute and piano recital - In Memory of Mili and Irv Shain

Oakwood Village University Woods - Performing Arts Center

July 21 Opera in the Park

Madison Opera


June 24 Concert on the Green

Madison Symphony Orchestra

June 19-20 Ravinia Festival, Chicago

Bernstein's Songs - Caroga Lake Ensemble

June 5-9 LunART Festival 
Only The Words Themselves... - Thursday Gala Concert 

Portraits of Josephine - Friday Gala Concert  

Moon Dances - Saturday Gala Concert 

April 28 The Fort Atkinson Club - Chamber Concert Series

Sound Out Loud Collective performance 

April 24 University of Wisconsin - Madison

Solo Recital & Masterclass


April 14 Wesley United Methodist Church, Winona, MN 
Masterclass - Sponsored by Flutistry 

Solo Recital 


April 13 Old Main Historical and Community Arts Center, Galesville, WI 

Masterclass - Sponsored by G-E-T Music Buster 
Solo recital


March 31 First Baptist Church, Madison, WI 

Chinese Orphans Benefit Concert
Solo and Chamber Performance 

March 24 First United Methodist Church

Black Marigold Wind Quintet

March 18 University Woods Arts Center

Solo Recital


March 17 Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Black Marigold Wind Quintet

February 23 First united Methodist Church

The Wintry Mix Collective

LunART Festival Winter Series

January 12 Portage Center for the Arts

Black Marigold Wind Quintet


December 21-22, 2018 The Alliance Energy Center

Gospel Carols 9

November 28, 2018 Capitol Lakes, Madison

Trio for flute, oboe and piano by Madeleine Dring

November 20, 2018 University of Wisconsin - Madison

Trio  for flute, trumpet and piano by James S. Stephenson

November 11, 2018 University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Solo Recital and Masterclass

November 4, 2018 First United Methodist Church

Requiem for the Living by Dan Forrest

November 2-4, 2018 Madison Opera at Overture Center for the Arts

Paggliacci by Ruggero Leoncavallo & Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascani


October 15, 2018 Pro-Musicis International Competition, New ork City, NY

Final Round Performance

October 12, 2018 Solo Recital at Hillside Theater, Spring Green

Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy

October 10, 2018 Solo Performance with Middleton Symphony Orchestra

Carl Reinecke Flute Concerto in D Major Op. 283 for Flute and Orchestra

August 28, 2018 Buzz & Suzan’s Funky Little Arts Show

Radio show/podcast with guest Iva Ugrcic & Kelly Parks Snider

August 10, 2018 46th National Flute Association Convention - Orlando, FL

The Future is Now! - Japanese Garden for bass flute/piccolo and pre-recorded sound by Doina Rotaru

Break it Down! - Panel Discussion

Piccolo Party! - Dragonfly for piccolo solo by Doina Rotaru

August 9, 2018 46th National Flute Association Convention

Video/CD Stories! - Il Pianto del Ghiaccio flute quartet by Doina Rotaru - performed as flute solo and electronics

June 30, 2018 LunART Festival

Women's Voices Gala Concert 

First Unitarian Society Atrium Auditorium 

June 29, 2018 LunART Festival

The Woman with the Unfathomable Eyes Gala Concert 

Promenade Hall - Overture Center for the Arts

June 28, 2018 LunART Festival

The Moon Dances Gala Concert 

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

June 27, 2018 Wisconsin Public Radio

The Midday with Norman Gilliland

June 24, 2018 Dubuque, Iowa

Dubuque Symphony Orchestra

May 29, 2018 Sun Prairie Radio

Live Radio Talk Show

May 22, 2018 Sun Prairie Public Library

LunART Festival Preview Concert 

May 21, 2018 Verona Public Library

LunART Festival Preview Concert 

May 20, 2018 Spring Green, WI

Rural Musicians Forum Season Announcement

April 28, 2018 Old Main Historical & Community Arts Center

Recital w/Satoko Hayami, piano

April 27, 2018 University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Masterclass w/ flute studio

Recital w/Satoko Hayami, piano

April 19, 2018 University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Masterclass w/ flute studio

Recital w/Satoko Hayami, piano

April 16, 2018 University Woos Arts Auditorium

Recital w/Satoko Hayami, piano

April 4, 2018 University of Wisconsin - Madison

Recital w/Satoko Hayami, piano

April 2, 2018 University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point 

Masterclass w/ flute studio

March 19, 2018 Stoughton Opera House

Recital w/Satoko Hayami, piano

March 10, 2018 Wisconsin Flute Fest

Solo Performance "Flute works by Cecilia McDowall"

Satoko Hayami, piano

February 24-25, 2018 Five Flags Theater, Iowa

Dubuque Symphony Orchestra 

February 9-11, 2018 Madison Opera

W.A.Mozart The Abduction from the Seraglio 


December 17, 2017 Wisconsin Women's Network

Solo Performance 

December 15, 2017 Gospel Christmas Carols 

December 6, 2017 Orpheum Theater, Madison

Evanescence tour "Synthesis"

December 2-3, 2017 Five lags Theater, Iowa

Dubuque Symphony Orchestra 

November 28, 2017 First United Methodist Church

Recital w/ Satoko Hayami, piano

November 11, 2017 Robinia Courtyard

Black Marigold wind quintet

November 2, 2017 La Crosse New Music Festival

Solo Performance 

October 23 -29, 2017 Sound Out Loud Collective 

Project: Cultural exchange, appreciation, appropriation and assimilation in music?

October 6, 2017 First Unitarian Society

Recital w/ Satoko Hayami, piano

September 23, 2017 Capitol Lakes

Black Marigold wind quintet

September 22, 2017 Art + Literature Laboratory

Black Marigold wind quintet

September 17, 2017 Willy Street Fair

Sound Out Loud Collective

September 3, 2017 WVMO The Voice of Monona

Sunday Afternoon live w/ buzz Kemper 

August 13, 2017 Summer Serenades @ Union Terrace

Sound Out Loud Collective

August 12, 2017 Madison New Music Festival

Black Marigold wind quintet

August 11, 2017 Madison New Music Festival

Solo Performance 

June 22, 2017 International Double Reed Society Conference  

Black Marigold wind quintet @ Gala Concert

June 17, 2017 Bos Meadery

Black Marigold wind quintet

May 10, 2017 The Carol Rennebohm Auditorium

Sound Out Loud Collective presents "Pierrot Lunaire" by Schoenberg

May 8, 2017 The Mills Concert Hall

Doctoral Degree Defense!

March 31, 2017 Midwest Graduate Consortium 

Gala Concert Performance

March 30, 2017 The Mills Concert Hall 

Lecture Recital "Doina Rotaru - The Voice of Romania"

March 18, 2017 The Milld Concert Hall

SOL presents "Pierrot Lunare" by Schoenberg

March 4, 2017 Wiscosnin Flute Festival

Solo Performance

March 3, 2017 First Unitarian Society

Solo Recital

February 25-26, 2017 Five Flags Theater

Dubuque Symphony Orchestra

February 15, 2017 The Mills Hall

Performance Music by Xenakis

February 3, 2017 UW Madison Faculty Recital

Marc Vallon, bassoon & Christopher Taylor, piano

January 27, 2017 Coventry Village

Solo Recital

January 20-21, 2017 Five Flags Theater

Dubuque Symphony Orchestra