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KÖHLER, Ernesto (1849–1907)
Progress in Flute Playing Op. 33 - Book 1

Köhler was prominent among those who gained favor and popularity in flute-playing circles in Europe and America through their extensive work in flute composition. The three books of studies that make up Progress in Flute Playing Op. 33 were intended to complement the course of instruction in Kohler's flute method. 

I decided to start a new book of etudes, Kohler Op. 33—Book 1, but this time, I will focus on tips on how to practice and what to focus on to improve your playing while also having fun and expanding your musical knowledge.

Please share your thoughts and impressions with me, and let's try to get a little bit better every day. Have fun and enjoy the musical ride!

DOWNLOAD free sheet music & watch/listen below!

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