DONJON, Johannes (1839-1912)

8 Etudes de Salon

Short salon pieces in romantic style. Super fun to play, yet technically challenging and beneficial. Good for intermediate to advanced level. Can be played as solo pieces and it guaranties to bring great joy to audiences! 

KÖHLER, Ernesto (1849–1907)

22 Studies in Expression and Facility for Flute Op. 89 - Book 1

Want to improve your tone quality, embouchure flexibility, and overall endurance? Do not skip this fantastic book of etudes. Good for intermediate to advanced level. 

DROUET, Louis François Philippe (1792-1893)

25 Etudes for the Flute (Méthode pour la flûte - part 4)

These etudes are marvellous! Each one has a technical challenge which can be anything from fingerwork to articulation or, if you are playing the slow ones, tuning and tone control. That just about covers everything. Highly recommended!

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